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Your Community Hall Needs You!

To take part in our survey online please click here

The parish of Severn Stoke and Croome D’Abitot has benefited from a community space since 1890, when land was set aside by the Earl of Coventry for the building of a Reading Room. The current Main Hall was added to the Reading Room in 1930, when it was deemed that the community required additional space.

Managed by a dedicated volunteer committee, the Hall has been maintained as a facility for the local community to the present day. Over the years the Hall has been used for a variety of purposes, as a space for groups and clubs to meet, for private parties, band practices and auctions, to name but a few. 

The hall has also taken its share of setbacks over this time, with fires, road accidents and floods all having an impact. The hall is currently awaiting repairs following the flooding in February 2020, with progress limited by Covid-19 and its wider impact on our society. 

The committee feel it now is an opportune time to consider the future for a community space in the Parish. To make the best decisions, the committee need to understand the level of demand for a community space and the support in the parish for sustaining one. Please give us a few minutes of your time by completing this important survey. 

If you are unable to complete this survey online, you can request a paper version by calling 01905 371216 and when completed post or drop off at either; Knights Oak (Old Boars Head), Severn Stoke or 10 Knights Hill, Severn Stoke.



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